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The green room

We recently opened a new Dolby Atmos HE/Music 7.2.4 room, certified by DOLBY. 

It is a smaller space than the studio for theatrical,

of great warmth, comfort and complete acoustic perfection.

This room is designed to manage the complete flow of any audiovisual post-production

for all platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, Vix, etc).

Mixing in 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos formats, you will be able to create all the

materials that are required. And also, pre-mix your session to finish

 a print-master in the studio for theatrical.


The Green room operates with a PT Ultimate system and DAMS – MTRX Studio,

with S1 controller, Dock and JBL monitoring

for efficient operation and the most faithful translation to other spaces.

Lena Esquenanzi
Sound Designer

Lena Esquenanzi, sound engineer graduated from the Film Engineers Institute in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has made a significant impact on the Mexicanfilm scene over the years.
Her distinguished career has been honored with six Ariel Awards for Best Sound. Among her recent achievements is her involvement in the film “Noche de Fuego” (2022), directed by
Tatiana Huezo, where her work was not only recognized with the Ariel Award for Best Sound but also earned her the Award for Best Sound Creation at the Cannes Film Festival.

Over decades, Lena has left her mark on the industry, receiving accolades for her work in films such as “Bardo” (2022) (additional sound designer), “Tempestad” (2017), “Temporada de
Patos” (2005), “Nicotina” (2004), “Del Olvido al No Me Acuerdo” (2000), and “Cilantro y Perejil” (1997).

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Maluz Orozco
Sound Designer

Maluz Orozco nació en CDMX en 1984 y es Licenciada en Comunicación por la Universidad Iberoamericana (2008), más tarde se especializó en Sound design for Visual Media en Vancouver Film School ( 2010). Ha colaborado en Splendoromnia como Supervisora y Diseñadora en la serie de HBO “Sierra Madre” de Gabriel Nuncio. También en el largometraje para Netflix “ Que culpa tiene el Karma” dirigida por Elisa Miller; en los cortometrajes de Léa Soler: “ Corpúsculo” y “ Casi el polvo”; así como con Lotte Van Raalte y su corto “Guerreras”. Su primer encuentro con Splendor fue como editora de diálogo en la película “Madeline’s Madeline” bajo la supervisión de Martín Hernández. Desde 2017 reside en Tepoztlán con sus dos hijxs.

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Thomas Becka
Sound Designer

Thomas Becka was born in Paris, 1991. His early interest in music and sound drove him to attend a technical school focused in the audiovisual medium. Afterwards he studied in an art school specializing in the sound design area. He is also a musician, who in 2019 created a music and sound art label named Alcôve.

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Arturo Salazar Rivero Borrell
Sound Designer
Sound Designer & mixer

Sound designer and Re-recording engineer with 10 years of experience in the film industry.
Graduated in Communication from the Iberoamerica University and from Sound Design for Visual Media program at Vancouver Film School. Curious about music and audio, he began his musical training from childhood, leading to a youth full of garage bands and noise as an escape valve. In 2009, he began his collaboration at Ibero 90.9, a recognized radio station in Mexico City, where he served as a radio producer, music programmer, and radio host for 11 years. In 2014, he began working in film, collaborating with directors such as Paula Hopf, Isaac Ezban, and Carlos Armella. Since then, his professional practice has been focusing on sound design and mixing. Outstanding works: “Sísifos” by Nicolás Gutierrez and Santiago Mohar, “Observar las Aves” by Andrea Martínez Crowther, “Buen Salvaje” by Santiago Mohar, “Pedro” by Liora Spilk, “The Tuba Thieves” by Alison O’Daniel.

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María Alejandra Rojas
Sound Designer

Graduated in Film and Television from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogotá and later from the sound specialty of the EICTV of Cuba, she is a Colombian sound engineer and sound designer who stood out in events such as Guadalajara Talents and Berlinale Talents. With experience in series, short films, and feature films, she participated in projects like “The Tuba Thieves”, winning awards and nominations for best sound design. Her work includes films like “Frida”, “The Other Tom”, and “Rotting in the Sun”. She contributed as an editor and 5.1 mixer in Netflix and Amazon Prime series, such as “Everything Will Be Fine” and “Daughter From Another Mother”. She is currently based in Mexico City where she works as a sound designer, sound supervisor, and sound engineer.

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