The green room
Theatrical Mixing Room

Our sound studio is 14,500 ft3 and was designed following an acoustic ideal:

The construction materials (earth and wood), the morphology of the room
(free of pre-existing forms) and the absence of noise pollution (near zero)
are our difficult to match hallmarks.

The studio is configurable for 5.1, 7.1 / ATMOS mixing, operable from an AVID S6 M40
control surface with 4 Pro Tools HDX 2 systems with MTRX interfaces.

AVID S6 combines the best of the two leading products in the audio post-production industry:
ICON and System 5. We also have a T.C. Electronic System 6000.  

Our studio has all the qualities of a world-class mixing room: control of resonances,
frequency response, reverberation time, etc. The technical details can be consulted in
the plans and the acoustic report of the room linked to this page.  

Our team of engineers – Carlos Cortés and Antonio Porem Pires – is at
your entire disposal. However, if you prefer to work with your own engineer,
ours will offer you the necessary technical assistance
so that you can make the most of your studio experience.

Carlos Cortés
Sound engineer & re-recording mixer

Academy award winer for best sound in “the sound of metal” (darius marder, 2020). His work in this movie also aknowledge him a bafta and a cas for the same category.

He began working on sound design for theater plays such as “savia” and “yogamoi”, which have been performed at different festivals around the world including the festival de l’imaginaire in paris, france.

Since then he has been dedicated to all kinds of musical and audio-visual projects.

He currently works in the film industry performing different tasks from sound editing to the final mixing of different feature films such as “tempestad” by tatiana huezo, “our time” by carlos reygadas, “robe of gems” by natalia lópez gallardo.

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Antonio Porem
Sound engineer & re-recording mixer

Sound designer and re-recording mixer with more than 15 years of experience in sound design and mixing for film, music supervision and production, field recording and sound installations. He is a member of the cinema audio society.

In 2017 he founded the walla collective studio after his stay in london, where he was collaborating with various directors and artists.

He currently has over 80 film credits shown at various film festivals and museums around the world, including cannes, berlin, toronto, locarno, san sebastian, moma and tate modern museum.

In recent years he has excelled as a mixer and sound designer for film, as well as sound and music supervisor for several netflix and hbo series.

He has collaborated with various authors and directors such as tiago guedes, alain raoust, rita azevedo gomes, gabriel abrantes, francis lee, salomé lamas, jorge jácome, gabriel mascaro. As well as composers such as lichens, dead combo, manel cruz and justin melland, mixing soundtracks for film and television.

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Ricardo Lavalle
Sound engineer & re-recording mixer

Guitarrista y compositor nacido en la Ciudad de México. Desde temprana edad mostró interés por la música y a los 8 años comenzó a estudiar guitarra clásica, práctica que continuaría hasta los 20 para seguir su formación en el Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales y posteriormente en “The London Music School”.

A partir del año 2004 comenzó a musicalizar proyectos “mutlimedia” y del 2008 a la fecha, se ha dedicado a componer música de manera independiente para la industria publicitaria (Grupo Modelo, General Motors, Honda, P&G, Unilever, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, The Coca Cola Company, entre otros), algunos cortometrajes y recientemente para proyectos de video mapping, colaborando con DUX Animation, que se han presentado en varios estados del país y el extranjero.

Durante los últimos años ha incursionado en la industria cinematográfica como diseñador de audio y principalmente como “mixer” para corto y largometrajes en Splendoromnia. También ha colaborado como guitarrista en diversos proyectos musicales y como compositor/productor en las bandas Dirty Boodaz e Illuminari.

Actualmente está desarrollando proyectos de audio en el colectivo Phonolab (, colaborando con Carlos Cortés, ganador del premio Oscar con el largometraje Sound of Metal.

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