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Our 420 m3 cinema mixing room has been designed from the beginning thinking in an acoustic perfection: the choice of construction materials, the morphology of the room and the absence of external sound pollution -the room is in the middle of nature- were determinants in the realization of the entire project. Built from scratch with different materials (adobe, wood & earth), the studio has a perfect balance between absorption and reverberation, thus creating a pleasant feeling for sound waves to blend together without an excessive sound return or the feeling of a dead room. Our sound mixing room, configurable for 5.1 or 7.1 mixing environment (soon ATMOS) has been renewed and re-certified with a professional and modular control surface, S6 M40 from AVID with 4 Pro Tools HDX 2 systems with MTRX interfaces. AVID S6 combines, in a modular and revolutionary design, the best of the two leading products of the audio post-production industry: ICON and System 5. We also have a peripheral T.C. Electronic System 6000.

The studio complies with all the acoustical requirements for a Cinema Mixing Stage (Noise Control, Frequency response, Reverberation time). You can find the technical report and blue prints of the studio in this site). Our mix engineer, Carlos Cortés, is at the complete disposal of your project. However, if you prefer to work with your own engineer, Carlos will offer technical assistance.




Our Color Correction Suite has been developed from the room up to the project and client experience.
With high ceilings, a comfortable viewing experience on a neutral grey surround wall with proper lighting percentages for accurate contrast and color balance adjustments to be made. 6500k room lighting and calibrated monitoring so that the image seen on screen and in the room is within the correct color space and industry standards. Splendoromnia has a DaVinci Resolve 14.0.1. software with a Mac Pro 12 Core processing 128 gigs of RAM using a Cubix Xpander Desktop Elite PCI Gen 3 with 128Gbps data transfer working with two NVIDIA TITAN cards 12 GIG GPU for 24 total Gigs of Graphics memory for process 4K formats in real time. A Red Rocket card is also installed on the system for realtime 4k Redcode playback. The storage consists of 2 G/TECH SAS raids which enables real time playback of 4K formats and DCP mastering playback of 2K 16 bit Tiff sequences and more.

The room is equipped with the Blackmagic Design DeckLink 4K Pro Video Capture & Playback Card and SmartScope Duo 4k connected via Dual link SDI 12 Bit signal to a Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4220, which is one of the most accurate display´s for creating any type of entertainment content. The Dolby PRM-4220 is the industry standard for Colorists and photographers, and all involved in the Color Grading process. All this in the Splendor work environment where project workflow, focus and a comfortable environment is the key to an enjoyable experience of color correcting your next project.




The studios are located 80 km south of Mexico City, near the historical village of Tepoztlan, just over an hour’s drive from Mexico City. They are built in an isolated valley on the unique mountain range of “el Tepozteco” surrounded by nature and amazing landscape. Apart from our post production facilities you can lodge here in our private and elegant bungalows and eat delicious high-quality food. We do not want to be picky about what you can do here, so what we propose is that you pay a forfeit price per week and then you consider yourself at home. You can edit sound or image, record foleys, music or ADRs, mix sound, color correct, eat what you’d like… without us making sure everything goes into a surprise account that you would receive at the end of your stay. This is a place to work and rest in the best possible conditions so your film can be finished as you want it to be.


Splendor Omnia


Carlos Reygadas
Eduardo Villanueva
Rafa Lara
Michel Franco
Amat Escalante
Marcelo Tovar
Lisandro Alonso
Gustavo Gamou
Matias Penachino
Josephine Decker
Miguel Angel Uriegas
Pablo Fendrik
Juan Carlos Valdivia
Karim Ainouz
Matias Cruz
Carlos Moreno
Bobo Jelcic
Sebastian Cordero
Jaime Rosales
Vincent Gallo
Gaspar Noé
Masha Halberstad
Duane Hopkins
Sammy Samir
Luca Lucini
Faouzi Bensaidi
Fernando Eimbcke
Daniel Gruener
Buthinna Canaan Khoury
Abner Benaim
Pedro Amorin
Victor Kossakovsky
Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Pablo Stoll
Irving Uribe
Carlos Reygadas
Carlos Mignon e Itziar Leemans
Javier Espada
Abril Schmucler
Abril Schmucler
Augusto Sandino
Laura Plancarte
Yulene Olaizola y Rubén Imaz
Jorge Forero
Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste
Elisa Miller
Jorge Hernández Aldana
Alejandro Gerber
Elena García
Victoria Szymanska
Emiliano Rocha Minter
Enrique Rivero
Esteban Arrangoiz
Everardo González
Sam Baixauli
Mario García Torres
Trisha Ziff
Eugenio Polgovsky
Natalia Bruschtein
Rodrigo Guardiola
Maya Goded
Carlos Clausell y José María Bendicho
Joaquin del paso
Barbara Ochoa
Carolina Corral
Tatiana Hueso
Rubén Imaz
María José Cuevas
Lorenzo Hagerman
José Ramón Pedroza
Lucía Gajá
Daniel Castro Zimbrón
Sergio Flores Torrija
Adriana Delgado y Jorge Sandoval
Raúl Martinez Solaris
Jose Álvarez
Fernanda Romandía
Laurence Garret
Carlos Marcovitch
Joe Swanberg
Hilda Hidalgo Xirinach
Everardo González
Marcelo Tobar
Michel Lipkes
Laura Plancarte
Carlos Reygadas
Josephine Decker
Rubén Gutiérrez
Rick Alverson
Juan Carlos Valdivia
Roberto Garza y Juan Obregón
Gonzalo Tobal
Igor Martinovic
Alejandro Springall
María Sojob


Post tenebras Lux (2012)
Penumbra (2013)
5 de Mayo, la batalla de Puebla (2013)
A los ojos (2013)
Heli (2013)
Asteroide (2014)
Jauja (2014)
El regreso del muerto (2014)
Sumun Bonum (2014)
Thou wast mild and lovely (2014)
Me quedo contigo (2014)
Niño de piedra (2014)
Simulation (2014)
Game changer (2014)
Gentilandia park (2014)
Penalty (2014)
Dropped ball
Jersey exchange (2014)
Dribble (2014)
Goal of the century (2014)
USA wins the world cup (2014)
Shoot (2014)
Steal (2014)
Twelfth man (2014)
The tunnel (2014)
Hand ball (2014)
Outsiders (2014)
Half time (2014)
Red card (2014)
Live for your goal (2014)
Substitutes bench (2014)
Midfielder (2014)
Full team (2014)
Footprints (2014)
External person (2014)
De hombres y bestias (2014)
Cerveza Indio (2014)
Parque Lenin (2014)
Tras Nazarín ( 2014)
Soñar el otro (2014)
Alicia en el abismo (2014)
El espejo silencioso (2015)
Tierra Caliente (2015)
Epitafio (2015)
Violencia (2015)
Un gallo con muchos huevos (2015)
El placer es mío (2015)
Los herederos (2015)
Luces Brillantes (2015)
El destierro (2015)
Seven Sheep (2015)
Tenemos la carne (2015)
Pozo amargo (2015)
El buzo (2015)
El paso (2015)
Hijo mío (2015)
Proyecto Tetela (2015)
Short films of Taller Mantarraya (2015)
El hombre que vió demasiado (2015)
Resurrección (2015)
Tiempo suspendido (2015)
Concert Zoé Foro Sol (2015)
Plaza Soledad (2015)
Bictor Ugo (2015)
Maquinaria Panamericana (2015)
Tiempo sin pulso (2016)
Semillas de Guamuchil (2016)
La tempestad (2016)
Tormentero (2016)
Bellas de noche (2016)
Longevidad (2016)
Los jinetes del tiempo (2016)
Batallas íntimas (2016)
Las tinieblas (2016)
3Zene (2016)
1988 (2016)
El patriarca (2016)
OJos de mar y tierra (2016)
Pacífico (2016)
Faces (2016)
El hotel (2016)
Win it all (2016)
Violeta (2016)
La libertad del diablo (2016)
Oso Polar (2017)
Extraño pero verdadero (2017)
Hermanos (2017)
Nuestro Tiempo (2018)
Madeline's Madeline (2018)
Piérdete entre los muertos (2018)
The Mountain (2018)
Soren (2018)
Torre x Torre (2018)
Dolores (2018)
Float art project (2018)
Sonora, la ruta de los caídos (2018)
Tote (2018)

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Photographs: Jonathan Leys